It doesn't matter if your event is big, small or in between, if there is big, little or no budget, there will always be an expert that can give you a great advise. Come to the annual expo don't miss this great opportunity of meeting in person and face to face with the best and most knowledgeable multicultural marketing advisers of the city with experience in these diverse multicultural ethnic market that communicates, feels, and identifies differently.

Advisors will not only speak your language at the event but will also understand your market and your idea of the event you are trying to organize.

Our language, our traditions, our celebrations, our religions, our values are different and our events are different.

This is for all the people that love their culture and other cultures and that love and enjoy life!

Multicultural event organizer

The Net Working

Come meet and speak with other event coordinators and organizers of Multicultural events, expos and trade shows, festivals, conferences, summits and more types of events. Meet with the community leaders and the representatives of the different ethnic media of different languages.

This is the only venue in town where you can network with the most experienced experts in Multicultural event planning of all kinds, come share and learn how to organize the best Multicultural event, refresh your ideas, learn, get inspired by others at the expo. Make new friends and contacts.

Some corporate and sports events include:
Gala awards, concerts, expos and trade shows, parades and carnivals, net workings, festivals, summits, marathons, tournaments, inauguration parties or toast, retirements, and achievements.

Also talk to companies of logistics and marketing, specialized in Multicultural events like;  photographers, audiovisuals, catering, lights, marketing, business advisors, music, Dj's, all the experts in staging to help you stand out in what you do and in your industry.

Multicultural Ethnic Events Solutions


Welcome to The Multicultural Ethnic Events Solutions Expo 2018!

At the Expo you will find everything you need to organize your multicultural ethnic event, whether it's a personal or a corporate event you'll find it here! 

October 2018 in Atlanta, GA from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Non-profit multicultural ethnic organizations per community, their importance and contribution with their events.
Profession, career and education ,training in this field of the multicultural, ethnic marketing, events, and advertising that is so broad, and the steps to start and learn.

Some of the most common private personal events celebrated with different rituals depending on the culture are:
 Weddings, bachelors party, anniversaries, birthdays, cultural holidays,
 baptisms, baby showers, quincea├▒eras, graduations and  achievements, funerals, and more...

Experts in planning these type of events for different ethnicities will be here.


Logistics, technology and softwares, Apps for your event

Planners who use softwares for the registration of their public spend less time on event registration, less time on processing payments and less time reporting their event outcomes and increase their revenue. Summon your audience.

Get the best advise from the experts with experience in multicultural events, get better paid by your sponsors, stand out offering more quality in your events, not necessarily spending more. Offer something fresh and new, invest wisely in multicultural media, have presence in social media, create your own App.

Forum and conference during the Expo, about:

The importance of multicultural and social ethnic events in the process of integration, for the benefit and enrichment of society.

The importance of ethnic events and celebrations to learn more about each other, and appreciate each other's differences.

The importance o multicultural ethnic events and celebrations to transmit cultural values, and heritage from one generation to another.

The role of the media, in covering and publishing the events that are celebrated for the community.

THE EXPO      2018

Multicultural Ethnic Events

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